1001 Albums for the Operating Room

A few years ago, I received a book entitled “1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die.” I have since acquired them all, and have listened to most. Since I spend 20 hrs a week in the OR, I thought it would be fun to listen to them alphabetically, all the way through. This will take nearly an entire year, as some are double and triple discs.

We started the week of Memorial Day, with ABBA, ABC, David Ackles, Adam and the Ants and Barry Adamson. I got mixed reviews from my OR staff, but they were interested in the project. Most of the music came out before they were born, which is unsettling to me.

My process in the OR is to be efficient and orderly, reducing extra movements and maximizing safety. I thrive on challenging cases, but prefer that there is no excitement in the operating room. If well planned, surgery should be smooth and relaxed. Music helps me to that end- it keeps me locked in and focused.

My life has been a series of goals set and achieved. This is a pleasant task I am happy to undertake. The musical journey of 1001 cd’s begins with just one album!