Spring Cleaning

Although it may not feel like it outside, spring is upon us. The renewal of the grass, flowers, and trees makes me think of personal renewal and rebirth. It is also a very busy time at Yager Esthetics. With the combination of income tax refunds, spring break and vacations, and the warmer weather signifying more revealing clothing, patients turn their attention to body issues, as well as personal grooming.

The spring procedures are always laser hair removal, liposuction, breast implants, and tummy tucks. As we get ready for bikini time, all of these areas come to the forefront. Trying to keep up with the demand, but never doing more than I can safely, I have increased the number of surgeries weekly, and have added an extra day of consults here and there to prevent too much waiting time. Sixteen years ago, I could never have imagined this problem!

I would urge you all to remember, as always, that sunscreen should be applied every day, as the harmful rays can penetrate clouds. We have some great renewal treatments for the skin of the face and body that I would also recommend. The Silkpeel can refresh your skin surface, and treat mild discolorations and acne. It can also help with the skin of the body. The Revitalize Peel is also a great spring cleaner, and an appointment with our Estheticians is advised.

A new treatment for 2013 is our safe Asclera injections for spider veins and small varicose veins. We have 2 highly trained specialists to let you show those legs this season. The laser vein treatments are great as well.

Spring has sprung, and we hope you let us show you how we can get you ready for the best one yet.

Living in a Sea of Women

As a Plastic Surgeon, the great majority of my patients are women. Additionally, virtually all of my employees (more than 20) are women as well. Essentially, I spend my days surrounded by ladies. Even at home, I am the only man in the family. I will tell you, it is an interesting situation.

I am fortunate that I love my family, and they are great. It is a little girly at times, and I do not get the sports time that some of my friends enjoy. However, the experience really has been valuable, as I have learned how women act and think. I know how to communicate with them .

At work, the ladies are for the most part like older children. It is a preview of what I will deal with as my children age. Additionally, they relate well to my patients as they are my patients- young Hispanic women interested in beauty.
While some may characterize my situation as drowning in a sea of women, I see it differently. I am supported by a sea of women. They keep me afloat, and provide a wonderful environment in which to thrive.

Thank you to all the women in my life, personal and professional. I appreciate you all.

Breast Implant Myths

Breast implant surgery has been done for over 50 years now, but many old and outdated thoughts about them still persist. I thought I would take a moment to dispel a few – if you are thinking about getting a breast augmentation with implants then this is definitely worth a read:
MYTH 1- Breast implants have to be changed every 10 years. This came from a study that showed with the old silicone gel implants that a very high percentage were leaking within ten years. Since mammograms and other imaging studies could not always tell, the wisdom was to just change them. The more modern implants do not leak as easily, and I tell my patients to only change implants if there is a problem.
MYTH 2- You should get one size bigger then you want because implants get smaller over time. Breast implants do not change in size unless they are damaged or leaking. Your body does change, with pregnancies and weight changes, and breast tissue can decrease over time. What is usually happening is that women get used to the size at the beginning while the breast is swollen from surgery, and once the swelling goes away, it looks smaller. I think if you and your Plastic Surgeon both look at the same picture, and are happy with that size, compare yourself to that picture after and you will be happy.
MYTH 3- Your body can reject a breast implant. This is also not really true. Implants are not a natural part of your body, and you will create a capsule of collagen around the implant. Things such as infections, or a thinning of your natural tissue can cause an implant to need to be removed, but it is not a rejection by your body. The hardening of an implant, called capsular contraction, can also occur and is not a sign that your body is rejecting the implant.
If you have doubts, or have heard strange things about breast augmentation from friends or on the internet, I suggest you visit me at Yager Esthetics for a complimentary consult so that you can hear the truth from a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Casanova and Yager Esthetics

As I write these words, Yager Esthetics is being turned into a set for an autograph session for Project Runway All Star Casanova. As a grateful and happy patient, he wanted to share his experience with his fans and the media in the heart of the Hispanic community.

The theme of the night is From Design to Plastic Surgery- an evening with Casanova. He and I are two sides of the same coin, and both of us helping women improve their self esteem and feel more beautiful. Casanova is Hispanic and achieved his success through the exposure of the English speaking media. I am American and achieved my fame in the Spanish speaking world. We are both creative artists, he with fabric and I with skin. We are both dedicated to improving the lives of Hispanic women and men.

I was a little uncomfortable with a patient sharing their experience with a plastic surgery procedure with the media to promote me. I do not seek attention or fame, I just appreciate the media as a tool to help educate my community. As I see the opportunity to reach more patients and perhaps have the chance to give them the tools to make good decisions about their appearance, I am grateful to Casanova and all of my patients.

Let us support Casanova in his quest to make his Latin fans proud with a long and successful career in fashion. Thank you for your wonderful gift!