Honesty is the Best Policy

I can say without a doubt that I have never knowingly lied to a patient. I try to be as straightforward as possible from the moment of the consult through the last postoperative visit. If a patient is disappointed or a complication occurs, I try to explain it to them in as clear and open terms as possible. Even if a patient has had surgery elsewhere, I let them know my opinion. This should always be the case with a Plastic Surgeon.

Some patients state that they have been to other offices, and the doctor will “put it through their insurance.” I let them know that insurance does not pay for cosmetic surgery, and saying you are doing a hernia repair and not mentioning the tummy tuck is insurance fraud. The same goes for bogus deviated septum claims and breast biopsies that are really mastopexys. This doctor is not a nice guy doing you a favor, he is trying to make money and will lie to do it. If he lies to the insurance company, what makes you think he won’t lie to you?

You as well have a responsibility to your Plastic Surgeon. You must be honest, and let him know your complete medical history so he can keep you safe. Don’t hide things because you are afraid they won’t do your surgery, be honest and protect yourself. If you do not follow the instructions and something happens, admit it. Knowing the reason for a complication sometimes changes what we do to treat it.

I am never upset at a patient for doing something stupid, as long as they are honest about it. We have the same goal, to heal well and be happy. It is not about blame, it is about safety and working together. Helping each other is always best.

Men and Stretchmarks

Women often complain about the stretchmarks that develop after pregnancy, especially in the lower stomach and hip areas. They are caused by the baby growing and pushing outward on the skin. Stretchmarks are scars to the skin that do not break the outer layer. They start in the deeper layers of the skin, the dermis, and leave the epidermis intact. No bleeding occurs, and you just see what appear to be “runs” in the skin similar to what happens with stockings.

There are no true cures for stretchmarks except for removing the skin upon which the stretchmarks appear. This is what abdominoplasty, or tummy tucks, do. There are, however, treatments that can help. When the stretchmarks are new and pink, it is easier to treat with retinoid creams and laser, as the scar has a blood supply that can be used to give a more effective treatment. Once they are silvery, they are harder to remove.

Men get stretchmarks from significant and rapid weight changes, as well as during puberty and with weight training in teens. Steroids, if taken to body build or even for illness, can cause them as well. Occasionally, men do need abdominoplasty, especially following massive weight loss.

At Yager Esthetics, we have had some success with microdermabrasion, Silk Peel , and combinations of skin creams. We recently filmed a report for television which will appear soon. Check our Facebook page for details.

I continue to research each new “cure”, and make sure whatever I offer actually works, and that my patients know what to realistically expect. If you have stretchmarks, there is hope.

Better Bodies after Babies- The Mommy Makeover

After the joys of pregnancy and childbirth often come the sorrows of altered body shapes. Having children, especially with significant weight gain, can change not only your stomach, but your breasts, back, skin, buttocks, and thighs. This is not news to many of you moms out there.

What you may not know, and what your Ob/Gyn may not tell you, is that there are things that you can do to repair the damage. The combination of several of these procedures at once is often known as a Mommy Makeover. I perform these procedures every week, and it is gratifying to know that it not only fixes physical issues, but can elevate your self esteem and outlook on life.

When considering a combined plastic surgical procedure, it is important to be honest about any health problems you may have. Sometimes it is safer to do each separately, and safety should be your primary concern. Your weight and age also have to be considered.

In my practice, the most popular combinations are abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) with liposuction and/or fat transfer to buttocks, or abdominoplasty with breast surgery. The results can be quite dramatic, as our photo gallery can show you.

I do more mommy makeovers and combined cases now than 10 years ago, as my surgical times have gotten shorter from experience, and risks can therefore be reduced. The results are better than ever. I do not perform surgery that takes longer than 3 hours, as risks from anesthesia and being immobile increase. If more is desired, I break it up into 2 sessions to enhance patient safety.

If you are healthy, are done having children, and want your prebaby body back, think about the mommy makeover. It can change the clothes you wear, increase your confidence and self esteem, and make your after child years the best of your life.

Miss RDUS 2013

As some of you will recall, I was a judge for Ms RDUS 2012 and it was a wonderful experience. The lovely Chantel Martinez took the crown and it was a terrific event. How time flies.

The opening reception occurred this past Sunday, and the 32 finalists will make this a difficult year to select just one. Even on a brutally hot day in an outdoor venue, Ganesha, on W.204th , all of the girls were professional and beautiful.
While I am not a judge this year, Yager Esthetics is a sponsor of the event, as I feel very strongly about supporting my Hispanic community. The dedication of time and preparation needed to even be considered for the pageant makes each girl special.

I encourage each of you to follow the competition and even come to the finals in Symphony Space this year. Maybe someone from your favorite city will win. It is sure to be a fun time.

Help Me Help You

I have been blogging now for about 2 years. Every week, I sit down to share my thoughts with anyone who cares to listen. It is mainly so that my patients and future patients can get to know me a little better. I give advice about Plastic Surgery, dispel some myths, and try to assist you in the whole process.
I have talked about bra size, being a good spouse to my patients, whether smart lipo is smart for you, music in the operating room, diet and nutrition, as well as nearly 100 more. I am happy to go on like this as long as you want, but wanted to take a moment to check in.
If you like what I have been doing, let me know. Email us at info@dryager.com, or call us at 212-543-1700. I am hoping to make your experience more full with this tool.
If you would like something different, please also let me know. I am happy to blog by request, and tackle the topics that interest you the most. Social media is meant to be interactive, so please interact. Friend us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/YagerEsthetics), and definitely follow me on Twitter (https://twitter.com/DrJYager).

Our motto is In the Community, For the Community. We mean it.