Santa Claus and Plastic Surgery

Almost all little children look forward to xmas, a time when good behavior is rewarded with family time and the fulfillment of wishes for presents.  It is a happy holiday, but one in which many lose the true meaning of sacrifice for others, and instead focus on themselves.

Sometimes, cosmetic plastic surgery patients act the same way.  They see their plastic surgeon as a type of Santa Claus, who can magically grant every wish for physical improvement with the wave of a scalpel.  The bandages are like the wrapping paper, which when removed reveals the wonderful gift within.

Many times, patients are thrilled with the results, and understand the work that went into creating them.  All the training and sacrifices made by their doctor to acquire his or her techniques and esthetic eye are evident.  Some, however, like spoiled children, can never be satisfied or have enough.

I always meet with my patients several times before performing a surgery upon them, so that I may review the risks and alternatives of each procedure, and try to give them a realistic idea of what to expect.  Unfortunately, not all patients listen well.

Over 99% of my patients are quite satisfied with their care and results of treatment at Yager Esthetics, but that 1% is what makes my life difficult.  If everything is done well and the results are excellent, and the patient is unhappy, there is very little that can be done.

If plastic surgery is under your tree this year, don’t be naughty.  Listen to your doctor, try to have realistic goals, and all will turn out nice.  Happy Holidays!

Plastic Surgery and Christmas

As we are 10 days away from xmas, I was thinking about all the patients who do cosmetic procedures as a holiday gift, or in preparation to see family and friends over the holidays.  It is always a very busy time for nonsurgical treatments with immediate results, like Botox, fillers, spider veins, skin peels, and acne treatments, and my Nurse Injector and I have been squeezing in patients to make sure all are happy.

For the surgery seekers, it is a bit different.  They usually want to avoid family and friends during recovery, utilizing the holiday break as an unsuspicious time in which to heal in privacy.  Sometimes, it is an excuse to NOT see family, depending on the dynamics.

Then there is the group of patients that realize that in less than a week, 2014 is over, and they did not accomplish their goals.  The New Year is a natural endpoint for reflection, and all are thinking about how to make the next year more rewarding, and realizing they are another year older.

The nonsurgical group are like the children who want something now, do not want to be surprised or wait, and Mom and Dad give in and let them have it early.  Everyone is happy, and the giver is a hero for the moment.

The surgery group is more reserved, wishing in secret for one great thing just for themselves, and wait patiently to unwrap their (bandages) present over days and weeks and sometimes months.

The last minute shoppers are the ones I have to be careful with.  They can be desperate and impulsive, and want everything in a rush.  They are like the people running out on xmas eve, hoping to get it done in an hour.  As a Board Cetified Plastic Surgeon, I not only have to make sure it is the right procedure physically, but that the reasons are good, the emotional state is appropriate, and that all the testing procedures and safeguards are followed.  If things are not right, I would rather be a Grinch then put a patient at risk.

Back and Blogging about 2014

As the year rolls along, and we are already in December, it is time for some fresh blogs. 2014 has been the fastest year yet in Yager Esthetics. I now have had over 40,000 people make appointments to see me. It has been an honor to be thought of by so many. It feels like only yesterday when I naively opened my office, but it was 1997! In a few months, I will be seeing 18 year olds who weren’t even born when I started the practice. Scary.

I take my role as Plastic Surgeon to the Hispanic Community very seriously, and have been doing educational seminars for free. Next is this Thursday, December 11 at 6pm. Call or email us to sign up, and learn all about the latest advancements in breast implants.

I continue to support Merijoel Duran and the American Cancer Society in their efforts to raise awareness and fight Breast Cancer in the Latin community. Our Y Gallery events in support of Hispanic Artists continues every 3 months, and we are helping to sell fantastic art. My services are still called upon by Telemundo, Univision and others to provide unbiased information on Plastic Surgery nearly every month.
We have added Exilis Elite, a nonsurgical treatment to tighten skin and eliminate small amounts of fat using radiofrequency waves with good success. I even tried it myself, and will post photos in February at the end of treatment.

I have Nurses doing spider veins as well as the latest in injectable fillers and Botox to expand the availability of Yager Esthetics to serve you better. More to come in 2015.
I will be posting new blogs every week until there is no new information, which will be never. Stay tuned, it will always be worth your time. Thank you for reading!

3 Myths of Breast Lifts

Many women, especially after the birth of children, notice a change not only in their stomach area but in their breasts as well. They can be bigger, smaller, or the same size as before pregnancy, but they are often looser.

The two factors that are most important in breast esthetics are size and shape. For my money, the more important of the two is shape, because if you have a small or large well formed breast it is still pretty and youthful. Bigger is not always better.

There are many techniques of breast lift, or mastopexy. Some use just an incision around the areola, others a lollipop, and others an anchor type scar. The deciding factors are the laxity of the skin and how far down the nipple has fallen. When done properly, the results are rewarding.
I wanted to touch on the myths and truths about the procedure to better inform my patients.

Myth 1- You will lose sensation if you do a breast lift. It is possible, but very unlikely that nipple sensation is permanently lost with mastopexy
Myth 2- You will be smaller if you do a breast lift. Only skin is removed, so no significant size change is likely.
Myth 3- You have to remove the nipple to lift the breast. No, you are cutting around the areola, but the nipple stays attached to the breast tissue below at all times.

Truth- In many cases, the very full upper part of the breast can only be achieved with the addition of a breast implant. Many women do not have enough breast volume to have a very round breast after lift without an implant. They do look pretty and natural, but if you are going for the push up bra look without a bra, this is not possible without adding an implant. Many women are happy to continue wearing a bra to achieve this look without undergoing surgery. A popular option is the push up strapless bra.
Hope this helps

Wrinkle Treatments

Every year around the holidays, patients start thinking about holiday parties and family functions. This means they start worrying about how they look. It is too late for surgery, so they want quick treatments with minimal downtime and good results. The problem is that while it is good to bargain hunt for presents and holiday items, cosmetic procedures need a little more care and caution.

With the changes in insurance reimbursements, many doctors are looking to make more money. Cash up front procedures such as Botox, injectable fillers, and lasers seem like a good idea. Even if they are not trained at all in plastic surgery, most companies will have a nurse or doctor come to the office and train them for a few hours and sell them whatever they wish. I know of Ob-Gyns, Internists, Family Practitioners, Anesthesiologists, Rehab Medicine, and Podiatrists who rebrand themselves and advertise as if they are the experts in the field. Some even do cosmetic surgery!

Another problem is the salon or spa that offers these services with an unlicensed person in the business or an apartment. They claim to be doctors or nurses from other countries, and inject who knows what into unsuspecting people with often disastrous results.
So, how do you avoid these traps? First, make sure you know what specialty your doctor trained in. Ask if they are Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. If they give a different board name, it is not the same. You can check going to and use the “Find a Physician” tool.
Second, make sure you ask to see the box and syringe of any injectable filler, as it will have the name printed right on it. If they take it out of a large bottle, and it is clear, 99% of the time it is silicone and not what you want injected. Even if it is Botox, ask to see the bottle. It should say Botox and have a purple top. Ask how many units you will be getting so you can make sure they are not watering it down to lower the price.

Lastly, do not let anyone inject you with anything outside a doctor’s office. Make sure it is a licensed physician in the state you are in, or a nurse under his/her direct care. Anything else is illegal.

Wrinkle treatments, when done properly by a trained injector, can be incredibly rewarding and offers a quick beauty boost. Go for it, but just be safe and smart. If it doesn’t feel right, just say no.