Brazilian Butt Lift Experience

I have been doing Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBL) or fat transfer to the buttocks for over 15 years. I do more than 150 of them every year, so I have learned a few things that may help you if it is a procedure you are considering. I will start by saying that the great majority of my patients are very happy with the results, and that every single one has an improvement in the size and shape of the buttocks.

I am confident that the surgery works. Technique of fat removal, the cannulas used to both remove and inject the fat and how you treat the fat are all important. Without getting technical, the less you do to the fat cells, and the quicker they are replaced in the body, the better the results in my hands.

How you take care of yourself for the first few weeks, including sleeping position and the avoidance of sitting, are major factors in fat survival. If any doctor tells you you can do a BBL with a Tummy Tuck or Breast or Face procedure, do not do the operation. Sitting or lying on your back, even if you use a donut pillow, will not give the best results. You can do other surgery, as long as you can lie on your stomach after.

Laser or Ultrasound liposuction fat should not be used in fat transfer. This fat is damaged and unsuitable for transfer. Make sure tumescent technique is used for removal of the fat.

There are some areas in certain patients where fat will not survive as well. Even if the surgeon does everything right, fat can disappear or take more on one side versus the other. Also, there is a limit to the amount of fat that will survive, which is determined by the circulation and oxygen availability of the area being treated.

People who do not have enough fat for transfer will not get a good result with temporary weight gain to have more fat. When you lose weight, you lose fat. They are also poor candidates for buttock implants, which I do not feel are good for virtually anyone.

Choose your BBL surgeon carefully. Go to to make sure they are a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, and ask how many they do a year, and see lots of before and after pictures. You are in charge, so be selective.

If you’re looking for a fat removal service that does not involve plastic surgery, consider skin five coolsculpting which is a procedure that involves freezing technology which eliminates unwanted fat.

Thanksgiving 2015

Thanksgiving is upon us again at Yager Esthetics, and we are celebrating our employees. We will all get together for a holiday meal in the office, with everyone bringing a special dish from their family. It is a great way to share culture and bond even more.

This is the first year we are doing a meal for Thanksgiving, as it is so appropriate to do so. I have a very successful Plastic Surgery practice in New York because of not only my abilities in the operating room, but the experience the whole Yager Esthetics team provides to each patient.

I am grateful to the vision of my CEO in creating our 6000 sf center. The office appearance, the flow, the whole process would not have been possible without her support.

The admin girls, who answer the phones, make the appointments, run the schedule, and greet you with courtesy and professionalism. Thank you all for putting your hearts into your work and serving the Hispanic community as you do.

My nurses, who are incredibly dedicated and skilled, who help to care for you before and after the procedures, and do so much to provide clinical support to me so I have the time to treat each patient well.

My OR crew, who help me run the best and most efficient surgery facility I have ever seen. I have a tremendous energy level, and keeping up is not for the weak.
The housekeeping staff, thank you for making sure Yager Esthetics always looks in top form, and keeping everything safe and hygienic.

My estheticians, who make you feel great with massage and facials, and also offer the nonsurgical services to make you look better and keep you looking younger.

Lastly, thanks to all of my patients who continue to make serving Washington Heights an honor for me, and a responsibility I take very seriously. Without all of you, there is no Yager Esthetics.
Happy Thanksgiving, and I look forward to many more.

Being a Better Plastic Surgeon Doesn’t Mean You Have to Do it Differently

The world of cosmetic surgery is getting more and more filled with Plastic Surgeons and other doctors who offer plastic surgical treatments and surgeries.  One of the strategies that is tried is to come up with a “signature procedure” that makes them different from everyone else.  It is a marketing strategy that can work well.

In an attempt to distinguish themselves, these physicians will either purchase the latest technology or pay for the licensing rights to do a particular technique.  It is sometimes different, but rarely offers a benefit to the patient beyond what a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon would do.  Sometimes, they are the only ones doing it because no one else wants to do it, or feels it is safe or beneficial.

I had a visitor, a Plastic Surgeon from out of state, who is world renowned and lectures to all the societies on surgery.  He watched me do a routine day of surgery, and said to me that I should be teaching others what I do.  I asked him what I did that was so different.  His reply was that it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, but that my efficiency in surgery and attention to simple detail changed his mind about what was possible.

I have been very fortunate to have been trusted by so many people in my 19th year in private practice, and therefore have honed my craft well.  I believe in what I do, based on sound teaching by some of the finest Plastic Surgeons to ever practice.  What distinguishes Yager Esthetics from other practices is experience, efficiency, and excellence.

Don’t be drawn in by promises of the latest and greatest.  What are the true benefits to you as opposed to your doctor?  Sometimes you don’t need different, you just need better.

The Wise Man Learns from the Fool

I have always been quite fond of aphorisms- those snappy sayings that pack a lot of meaning into a few pithy words.  One of my favorites I learned from my Chief Resident in Plastic Surgery when I was the junior. The wise man learns from the fool, but it is the fool who does not learn from the wise man.

I consider myself fairly accomplished academically- The Johns Hopkins University, Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons, Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society, Columbia Presbyterian trained, and certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgeons.  I try not to be foolish, and that is why I try to learn from everyone.

Some of the smartest people I have met have had no formal education, no college degree, and may not have an eloquent way of expressing themselves.  That does not mean that they were not some of the best teachers I have ever had.

I have learned about business, relationships, raising children, being kind and charitable, and appreciating what I have been blessed to accomplish.  I suggest you really cultivate the skill of recognizing true wisdom in everyone, and learning what you can.  Don’t be a fool.

Where You Came From is Not Important

Let me start by saying that the vast majority of my patients at Yager Esthetics are a delight. I love what I do, I enjoy seeing peoples’ dreams realized, and helping to better lives. A happy, grateful patient is a wonderful thing.

On some occasions, however, a great result is not always appreciated. I can have a woman with three rolls of cascading abdomen and too many stretch marks to count, as round as a globe, who I have transformed into a curvy human being who can now wear a belt and look good, complain that “my friends say my waist should be narrower.” Really?

After insuring that this is not a joke, I proceed to open the computer images and show the impossibly amazing transformation in before and after images. Surely anyone would recant their complaint and say “Wow, I forgot what I looked like before. I can see how much you helped me.”

Many times, this happens. Sometimes, though, I hear “ What I looked like before is not important.” That is what destroys me. How is it not important? When the Pope was in New York, I thought he would come by to Saint me, as I have performed so many miracles here that I surely would qualify!

My advice is that you really look at yourself before a surgery, realize what is possible, and appreciate the amazing changes. If you want me to keep doing what I do, be realistic and remember where you came from.