2016- The Year of Yager Esthetics

I am starting of the year with the assumption that 2016 will be my best year ever.  Why not? It could definitely happen, not just for me but for you as well.  Attitude matters, and mine will be focused and fantastic.

How to you plan to have a great year?  Start off by making sure you take care of your health.  I will continue my workout regimen, and try to add one more activity to put it on another level.  I will reduce my sugar intake, and weigh myself daily to insure I stay on track.  Doctor visits, dental visits will be done early.

Family is important.  I will make sure to appreciate my family, enjoy each day with them, even when they drive me insane.  No one comes with a guarantee, so remember to tell them how you feel.

Professionally, I have to continue my plan to educate and keep the Hispanic community safe with a high quality option for plastic surgery.  I continue to vet new options for my patients, and promise to love them all and be grateful for the opportunity to care for them.

On the humanitarian front, I will continue to donate to children’s charities, and give my time and support to the community as I have always done.  It’s about the good, not the glory.

Lastly, I refuse to waste a moment on negativity.  The power of happiness that is inside can overcome the darkest of clouds.  I am proud of who I am and what I do, and no one can take that from me. In July, I will be starting my 20th year at Yager Esthetics, and it will be amazing.