No Hassle, No Haggle Pricing

When I began private practice nearly 20 years ago, I had to somehow come up with fees for my services.  There was no guidebook or resource online to see what to charge.  I decided to have a set fee for each procedure that was nonnegotiable. This was very unusual at the time.

My professors all tried to figure out how wealthy a patient was by observing the way they dressed, what type of car they drove, and asked about travel and vacation spots.  Based on that info, they adjusted to the proper level.  This made me uncomfortable.

It is my belief that one should place a specific value based on the work to be done regardless of income.  The other point to consider is that every patient is different physically, and the fee for a liposuction on someone who weighs 90 lbs is certainly different from one who weighs 200 lbs.  This is due to the increased amount of time needed.

If you come to Yager Esthetics, you are treated the same if you are an international megastar or the local school lunch lady.  That is not only with regard to the price, but to the service and respect you will receive.

No Hassle, No Haggle in plastic surgery.  I have been doing it for 20 years, has your plastic surgeon?

Jim McMahon Golf Outing

I lost a very dear friend 3 years ago named Jim McMahon.  He was a golf pro and a tremendous person.  Every day, he comes into my mind in some way, be it a happy memory, funny story, or the desire to call him up to chat.  He can never be replaced.

In his honor, I helped start a golf outing in 2013, and this will be the 4th event.  His friends and family gather at New York Country Club in Rockland County, NY where he was head pro and play a charity golf event.  It has virtually sold out every year so far.

The event features breakfast, lunch, dinner, open bar, cocktail hour and full banquet dinner with prizes and free gifts.  The contestants from the Ms Dominican Republic US pageant are on hand to make everyone feel welcome as well.

Each year, all the money raised goes to charity.  We have given about $20,000 each year to help others and carry on Jim’s good name.  I always attend and play, and it is a bargain at $200.  This is tax deductable.

If you are interested in a fun filled day with me, go to and search for Jim McMahon. This year, it is Monday, August 15th .    Hope to see you there.

7 11- Are Numbers Lucky in Plastic Surgery?

Every week, I operate between two and three days.  Each day, I have to organize the order of the cases based on the type of procedure, the patients’ health, and any preferences each might have.  Being that today is 7/11, 2 numbers considered lucky by some, I thought I would share my insights on case order, day of the week, and Friday the 13th.

I only schedule as many cases as I know I can do with complete concentration and maximal effort.  I will close the date when that number is booked, and everyone else will have to find a different day.  It is not fair to the other patients on that day.  To me, the first patient and the last patient are equally important, and the quality will be the same.

Not everyone can be the first case.  This is basic math.  First priority is always safety, so Diabetics are by necessity first when feasible.  I try to also do small fine motor cases such as eyelids early, as they are quick and recover easily.

I do not like doing big cases last, as recovery can be longer, and I want my staff to stay fresh and allow the patient extra time to be safely discharged.  Heavier patients also need more attention.

I love operating on Friday the 13th.  I experience no difference from any other Friday, and the patients who do not care are usually very rational people, which always helps.

Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays- it doesn’t matter to me.  I am as fresh on any of the days, as I take my work seriously and rest appropriately.  I take my responsibility to each patient as a sacred trust which I would never break.

The only lucky numbers in Plastic Surgery are 212-543-1700.  That is my telephone number at Yager Esthetics.

Half Year Report

It is now July, which means half of 2016 is gone. The older you get, the faster the time slips away from you. As you know, I always do a year end review of my results so I can keep my quality at its best. I thought I would reflect on a few trends I have found in the first half of 2016.

Surgical demand remains high, and I continue to see an increase in Brazilian Butt Lifts. I have done as many as four in a single day, and this year should do more than 200. I have a long experience and have honed my technique to get the best results, but there are still limits to how much fat will stay, and it is very patient dependent.

I continue to be the tummy tuck guy, approaching 200 a year as well. I have changed my suturing technique for the muscle, and have been even more pleased. I continue to do “retucks”, abdominoplasties after others have done them in the past. Challenging, but very rewarding.

I have assembled a great staff, and continue to strive for the best patient experience. We are more automated, trying to go fully paperless this year, we’ve opted for document management software offered by FileCenter and similar services. iPads are in increasing use, and the tech continues to help us give a better experience.

As I am now officially in my 20th year of private practice, I want to thank the tens of thousands of you who have come to Yager Esthetics. We are the Latino beauty experts, in the community for the community.