CELL Phones at Concerts and Plastic Surgery

Recently, artists have begun asking concert goers to refrain from taking pictures and videos during the show. Some, such as Jack White, have gone on to require that all phones be sealed in a bag prior to entering the venue so that this does not occur. I was at a show, and he had someone come out and let the audience know that he had hired professional photographers and videographers to shoot the show, and gave access to them for free for anyone who wanted a memory or to post on social media.

Bob Dylan, during a show in Vienna, stopped singing due to this distraction and said “We can either pose or play, it’s up to you.” The frustration built up to the point that it not only ruined other audience members’ experiences, with upheld phones and selfies taking away from the moment for them, but for the artist as well. I have to side with the artists.
I can’t tell you how many times a cell phone interrupts a consult or patient visit, making it hard for the patient and me to maintain concentration. I always find it telling that when a patient is naked in a gown, they still hold their phone in their hand. Who are you going to call?

Don’t even get me started on employees who are sneaking a peak at their phones during work. It is a theft of my time, and a disservice to the patients.

If I take a call during a patient encounter, it can only be from another doctor or something I am doing for that patient. If you see me doing otherwise, please scold me. I would deserve it.

A Taxing 2019

Today is the day that taxes are due here in the United States. For some, it is a happy time when withheld funds are returned and can be used for frivolous things such as Plastic Surgery. For others, it is a frightening day, making sure there is enough in the account to pay what is owed. For accountants, it is when a lot of the money is made and extra hours worked.

When you think of the purpose of taxes, it should be money you pay for the services that the government provides of which you are the beneficiary. Plowing roads, paving streets, infrastructure, and keeping the government running is but a few examples. I believe all should contribute, but might question the efficiency and cost of delivery of these services.

What does this have to do with Plastic Surgery? I think that the fee you pay has a lot of similarities to taxes. You think of what is charged for a breast implant surgery. For me, it takes less than an hour, and if I could keep the whole fee, my hourly wage would be amazing. Unfortunately, I have to pay anesthesia, the implant, surgical supplies, like PPE, insurance, employees, electricity, water, certification, and licensing fees, keep all emergency equipment and medications up to date, bras, recovery room staff, oxygen, medications, facility fee, rent, the cost of my training and Board Certification, provide 24-hour on-call coverage for emergencies, housekeeping, post-op care, and visits, just to name a few.

Although my fees at Yager Esthetics are more than reasonable, you can certainly find a cheaper place, fly overseas, or to another state. I suggest you really make sure you are getting all of the services that you are the beneficiary of. Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, accredited facility, with the experience and results you like. The penalty for not paying this tax may be your life.

April Fools 2019

To become a doctor, and a surgeon in particular, you must endure decades of study and dedicate virtually all of your awake time to patient care and craft. To truly understand the weight of having someone’s life in your hands on a repeated basis is only the first step in realizing the responsibility and pressure that one must embrace.

I like to believe that I have a very quick wit, and can see the humor in most situations. Perhaps it is a coping mechanism that I have developed to deal with the rigors of my work. Being able to make others laugh without playing the fool is an art that brings me tremendous pleasure.

The unfortunate side effect of this is that I can never let loose of the rational side of me that is so essential to being a great Plastic Surgeon yet does not allow me to completely relax and not think of every possible outcome of my behavior. I sometimes give of the aura of a stiff and somewhat unapproachable person in social situations, especially with strangers. They are often shocked at how opposite to that image I really am.

I have never regretted the sacrifices I have made to be where I am today, and consider it an honor to continue to serve the Hispanic community as the Plastic Surgeon of choice. I take what I do seriously, and would never compromise on patient care.

If you see me outside and want to say hello, please do. I truly enjoy the life I have, and even if I don’t act “the fool,” it doesn’t mean I can’t make you laugh.