25,000 Patients Later- Yager Esthetics

This April, I had the honor of seeing my 25,000th patient.  The enormity of that number humbles me, and makes me grateful to each of them.  It also validates the need that existed in 1997 for a highly qualified Board Certified Plastic Surgeon within the Hispanic community of New York.

I started in 1997 with 1500 sf of space and one Hispanic woman employed. Today, Yager Esthetics is 6000 sf and has 20 hispanic women working, despite the economic downturn.  We have the newly created ySpa, a unique advanced skincare spa and laser center dedicated to treating Hispanic skin.  Visia Skin Complexion Analysis is offered to scientifically select the skincare treatments that will work for you without having to guess and perhaps waste your money.

I have also been fortunate to create the Y Gallery, a free art space within Yager Esthetics for Hispanic artists to display their work.  We have sold paintings for the artists, and host events to meet them.

As a recognized expert in latin beauty, I am always flattered to be featured on Spanish television to offer medical advice for the community regarding plastic surgery and safety issues.  I enjoy meeting the media personalities I have watched for years at home.

So, to the 25,000 of you who have made appointments to see me, I thank you for your trust, and promise to always do my best by you.  To those who have not had the experience, I look forward to meeting you soon.