30,000 Appointments

As I was seeing patients this past Saturday, I noticed the first patient with a medical record number over 30,000. This was amazing to me. As I finish my 15th year in private practice at Yager Esthetics, this means that on average, over 2000 different people a year wanted to see me. That is about forty new potential patients every week.

When I opened Yager Plastic Surgery in 1997, I certainly was not seeing that many patients. I was somewhat naïve to think that I could just hang up a sign, and magically people would find me. I knew nothing about marketing, budgeting, hiring and firing or advertising. I just wanted to see patients and help the Hispanic community.

Each year, the word got out more and more. I advertised in a local paper, then made a website. Eventually, the news media sought me out for my expertise on cosmetic plastic surgery in the latin population. Now, we have a waiting list for appointments.

Do not let me be misleading- not all 30,000 patients have actually come to see me. Some have not shown up, others have cancelled. Many other inquiries do not result in appointments. My staff handles all of these calls, as well as taking care of my returning patients for their postoperative course and new procedures as well.

I am humbled and grateful for the outpouring of support and love from the Hispanic community, and look forward to the next 30,000.