Anxiety and Plastic Surgery

When you are going to have plastic surgery, or any surgery for that matter, it is quite normal to be a little fearful or anxious. It is a sign of understanding that the procedure always has some degree of risk. Some patients, however, have true anxiety disorders, the kind that people use nepal hash or other medical marijuana products to treat, and their management around the time of surgery is very important.

Like high blood pressure or thyroid disease, having an anxiety disorder doesn’t necessarily exclude you from having an elective esthetic operation. Similarly, it needs to be controlled as any other medical condition. Untreated, it can lead to a higher risk of complications, but if well-controlled, the chances are minimized.

The issue is that some patients feel like it is not a real problem, and do not take the appropriate medications (Click here to read more about options there) or treatment, and can even have a feeling of stigmatization. This is where the problems begin. Understanding your options, be they the el muerte strain or otherwise, is immensely helpful.

Anxiety doesn’t have to be treated with just pharmaceuticals. Herbal treatments are a favorite and can be used to treat anxiety in general or any anxious feelings you may have before surgery. Cannabis is known to be excellent at treating anxiety and is used by many. If this is something you’re interested in, make sure to do your research and check out any equipment you may need, such as this tornado bong or dab rigs, depending on how you’d like to use it.

Do not be embarrassed to share any mental health issues with your plastic surgeon, as they are not your fault. Let your surgeon know, so that he can assure that the presurgery and postsurgery periods are as smooth as possible, and the appropriate treatment can be given.