April Fools 2019

To become a doctor, and a surgeon in particular, you must endure decades of study and dedicate virtually all of your awake time to patient care and craft. To truly understand the weight of having someone’s life in your hands on a repeated basis is only the first step in realizing the responsibility and pressure that one must embrace.

I like to believe that I have a very quick wit, and can see the humor in most situations. Perhaps it is a coping mechanism that I have developed to deal with the rigors of my work. Being able to make others laugh without playing the fool is an art that brings me tremendous pleasure.

The unfortunate side effect of this is that I can never let loose of the rational side of me that is so essential to being a great Plastic Surgeon yet does not allow me to completely relax and not think of every possible outcome of my behavior. I sometimes give of the aura of a stiff and somewhat unapproachable person in social situations, especially with strangers. They are often shocked at how opposite to that image I really am.

I have never regretted the sacrifices I have made to be where I am today, and consider it an honor to continue to serve the Hispanic community as the Plastic Surgeon of choice. I take what I do seriously, and would never compromise on patient care.

If you see me outside and want to say hello, please do. I truly enjoy the life I have, and even if I don’t act “the fool,” it doesn’t mean I can’t make you laugh.