April Fools

It has become a tradition to pull pranks and practical jokes on people every April 1st.  While some can be funny, others can hurt feelings, be destructive to property, or embarrass some. I want to start a new tradition- April Cool Day.

What is April Cool Day?  It is a day where you go out of your way to find that person who seems to be left out, not fit in, or socially awkward, and say hello to them.  Try to include them in going with the group to lunch, or sharing a table so they are not alone.

All of us have felt vulnerable at some point in time, and could have used a little reassurance that someone in the world was on our side.  Very few of us have the confidence to not care what others think, and human contact and relating to others is an important part of mental and physical health.

What you might find is that those people are actually pretty fun, or can add something to your life.  You might be the spark that enables them to break free of their fear of social situations, or they just might be the one who inspires you to express some inner feelings you were to afraid to release.

Pulling a mean spirited prank on April 1st? Not cool.  You are the April Fool.