Art and Plastic Surgery

I have always been a huge fan of art and artistic things.  This is most likely a common phenomenon amongst plastic surgeons who specialize in cosmetic surgery.  The creative process and the ability to make beauty is what the two fields have in common.  It has led me to become a collector.

The field that drew me in was Art Nouveau, a style of the turn of the twentieth century, which emphasized the use of organic and natural forms and curves.  You do not need a degree in Psychology to draw the connection to what I do.  I was drawn to the lines and colors and incredible creativity.

As my tastes have progressed, and I have learned more, some of the images that catch my eye are a little less mainstream.  No longer did I seek out the iconic pieces in the genre, but the lesser known yet more sophisticated and unconventionally masterful works.  I think this has also happened in my plastic surgery.

As I get ready to start my 20th year in private practice, I know how to achieve great results in all of the procedures I do. My results now are more sophisticated as well. While I find the work I did in the 1990’s was excellent, tastes have changed, as have the ideals of beauty.

I know look at each patient as a potential work of my surgical art, and try to show my skill and experience in the small nuances that many other plastic surgeons do not notice.  The shape of the belly button, the transition of the underarm area to the waist and then back to the hip and buttock.  Embracing the subtle asymmetries instead of unnaturally trying to force a change based on a ruler has made me and my patients happier than I imagined.

I have more enthusiasm now than 20 years ago, and hope to keep improving my craft thanks to the confidence and loyalty of the patients of Yager Esthetics.  I have yet to create my obra maestra!