Back and Better than Ever

I am now back from my near week off, and have already had a very full day of surgery and patients.  I have to pay the price for leisure time, which is not only the lost income of the time away, but the patient load that still has to be seen on top of the usual.  Good thing I am fit and able.

Being away allows me to get a bit of perspective.  I am amazed at how it is impossible for me to do nothing.  My mind is so curious that it never rests or is satisfied.  If I ever retire, I would have to do something else.  I am not the sit on the beach and nap type.

To be truthful, I did not miss being in the office, but I appreciate it more now.  I was just a young man who had come straight out of training and into my own practice in 1997 with no money and a lot of school debt.  I have worked tirelessly over 19 years to become Yager Esthetics, and am immensely proud of what I have built.  I am an important part of my Hispanic community, and it is my life.

I have also learned how much there is outside the office to discover.  There are so many ways that I can grow and learn, despite all of my studies.  My interests are wide ranging, and my passion for knowledge is fierce.  More trips and new avenues are in my future.

This is the busy season, and the best time to come in.  My juices are flowing, and I am charged up to deliver my best work.  Take your vacation here, and see what we can do to change your life.