Back and Blogging about 2014

As the year rolls along, and we are already in December, it is time for some fresh blogs. 2014 has been the fastest year yet in Yager Esthetics. I now have had over 40,000 people make appointments to see me. It has been an honor to be thought of by so many. It feels like only yesterday when I naively opened my office, but it was 1997! In a few months, I will be seeing 18 year olds who weren’t even born when I started the practice. Scary.

I take my role as Plastic Surgeon to the Hispanic Community very seriously, and have been doing educational seminars for free. Next is this Thursday, December 11 at 6pm. Call or email us to sign up, and learn all about the latest advancements in breast implants.

I continue to support Merijoel Duran and the American Cancer Society in their efforts to raise awareness and fight Breast Cancer in the Latin community. Our Y Gallery events in support of Hispanic Artists continues every 3 months, and we are helping to sell fantastic art. My services are still called upon by Telemundo, Univision and others to provide unbiased information on Plastic Surgery nearly every month.
We have added Exilis Elite, a nonsurgical treatment to tighten skin and eliminate small amounts of fat using radiofrequency waves with good success. I even tried it myself, and will post photos in February at the end of treatment.

I have Nurses doing spider veins as well as the latest in injectable fillers and Botox to expand the availability of Yager Esthetics to serve you better. More to come in 2015.
I will be posting new blogs every week until there is no new information, which will be never. Stay tuned, it will always be worth your time. Thank you for reading!