Back To Class

As the summer winds down, thoughts of the new school semester are once again upon us. Our teachers are getting in there last procedures before the school year starts, and are already thinking about the winter break for surgery. Families are coming back from vacations and time at the beach, and college students are gearing up for the new semester.

For me at Yager Esthetics, I always take this time to reflect on the advances of the past year, and plan any seminars or conferences to attend so I can stay on top of the latest advances in cosmetic plastic surgery. I want my patients to get the benefits of any new technology, but only after it is fully evaluated by me as being safe for Hispanic skin.

I thought this year, I would start a new tradition that I hope you all will join in with me as well. The September start of the school year, I will choose something new to learn for the year. It can be a sport, language, topic, hobby, or course on any subject.
This year, I will resurrect my knowledge of painting and drawing. Seeing the great work in Y Gallery, the free art space in Yager Esthetics, has inspired me. I will visit museums, read and actually try my hand at art. Hopefully, I can share the results with all of you soon.

So, I hope we can remember that school and learning are lifetime events. I promise to keep expanding my horizons to help my community, and hope my community joins me.