Back To School And Plastic Surgery

Back To School And Plastic SurgeryAs we enter the beginning of September, every parent is getting their child ready for the new school year.  New clothes and supplies must be purchased, supplies must be restocked, and everyone is excited about the new opportunities that present themselves. 

I have a daughter who is entering kindergarten, and she is both nervous and excited.  She is a little fearful, because it is a new place with new people and a teacher she has not met.  She is eager to take this important step, and knows that deep down, it is what she wants and needs.

These same emotions are what my patients experience when considering plastic surgery.  They are both nervous and excited.  They are reading consent forms, doing their homework, learning new things, sometimes getting new clothes and supplies too.  They are a little nervous, as it is a new experience for most, but deep down I try to give them the confidence they need to proceed with what they want and need.

Plastic surgery is surgery, as I have said before.  You need to use the same care and precaution as a parent trying to prepare your child for scholastic success.  Do your homework, read the consent forms and instruction sheets, and if you do not understand something, ask.  At Yager Esthetics, I always take the time to answer all of your questions before you decide on surgery.  I have you return for a preoperative appointment, and encourage you to write down all your questions so that you do not forget them.

I hope all of your children have a great school year.  Start looking at their calendars, as this will help you plan any procedures you are considering around holidays and vacations.  These days fill very earlier, so do your homework!