Balancing Life and Plastic Surgery

Let me start by stating how privileged I feel to be able to practice cosmetic Plastic Surgery.  I sacrificed a lot in life to get to this stage, and others have sacrificed even more without ever getting there. Good grades in High School and SAT’s to get into a great University.  Excelling at University and on the MCAT’s to get into a superb Medical School.  Prime grades in Medical School to secure a spot in a combined Plastic Surgery program at an elite hospital.  Even after all of the hours and money and family time missed, opening a solo practice Plastic Surgery office in New York City with no insurance accepted is far from a sure thing.

Through diligent work, excellent care, and perseverance, with a little luck sprinkled in, I have achieved every measure of success I could have dreamed of.  I am extremely grateful to my staff and all of the patients I have had since 1997.  I have expanded my office twice, and am as busy as I want to be.  So, what comes next?

Imagine if you had a job where even though you worked 50-60 hours a week, you could still be called 24/7/365 and have to possibly rush to your office at any hour.  No breaks ever, watching where you travel, making sure not to have alcohol, carrying a pager everywhere.  A bit stressful? You bet.

I knew the deal before I started, and could have been someone’s employee, but that is not what I set out to do.  I wanted to create a safe and affordable option for Hispanic Plastic Surgery here in the US with a level of luxury never before seen in the community.  That is what Yager Esthetics is all about.

What about my life? I am certainly fulfilled, but need to take more time off.  I am considering bringing in another Plastic Surgeon who can help me share the load.  Finding that person with the same passion and ability will be difficult, and I will not settle.  My patients come first, and I will keep working to insure Yager Esthetics is The place for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in the Hispanic community.