Be Kind to your Plastic Surgeon

Having been in private practice in cosmetic plastic surgery in Washington Heights for 15 years, I have literally almost seen it all. For 99% of the patients I see, they are a pleasure. They respect our policy of being seen on time if they come on time, are appreciative of the free education we provide, and the care and consideration in patient treatment at Yager Esthetics. We have spent a tremendous amount of money on creating a beautiful and safe environment for patient care, including a state-of-the-art Accredited Surgery Center, and utilize the best in Board Certified Anesthesiologists.

There are a few patients, however, that do not care. They come when they wish, do not show up for appointments, and cancel after the appointment has passed. They insist on being the first surgery of the day, only to show up late and delay everyone. Even if they get the most incredible results from surgery, they never say thank you or acknowledge the efforts we make. The negative energy they bring just drains you, even if the other 50 patients are wonderful.

The challenge for me is to try and pick these people out before operating on them, so I do not have to take them under my care. I am improving at this process, but still I am fooled on occasion. That is why I need your help. If you are the type of person I described above, please do not come to my office.

Neither one of us will be happy with the arrangement. Unlike some of my colleagues, I truly care about the happiness of my patients. I bend over backwards to accommodate them, often more than I should.

If you are one of the 99%, my patient fans, please refer me only the happy and respectful family members and friends that you have. I am grateful for your support, and will treat them all well. Let us stamp out rudeness, disrespect, and ingratitude together.