Be on the Same Page as your Plastic Surgeon

As a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in NYC, I hear some interesting stories about other doctors both here and overseas. They come mainly from dissatisfied patients who want to improve results or fix complications. Some I can help, others are unable to be helped, and others have expectations that cannot be met in this world.

Many of these patients do have poorly performed procedures, either by non Plastic Surgeons or inexperienced cosmetic physicians. Others look perfectly fine, and have unrealistic ideas about what can be achieved with Plastic Surgery.

The stories that disturb me the most are from the people who say that they were not asked by the doctor on consult what they were looking to achieve, did not see any before or after pictures, and just blindly thought that a professional should know what they wanted. This is a terrible mistake.

I like to think that I am fairly intuitive, and have a very good aesthetic eye. I know what looks appropriate, and what is bizarre. I also know that I am only going to see the patient a few times a year after, while they live with their results 24/7. For this, I always try to insure that they know more or less what I am suggesting, and that we are both realistic about what to expect. Showing photos usually helps.

Do not assume that your Plastic Surgeon knows best. As President Reagan said, “Trust, but verify”