Beauty Pageants and Plastic Surgery

I was recently interviewed on Levantate on Telemundo to discuss beauty pageant contestants and plastic surgery. Is it ok for them to undergo a procedure to enhance their beauty, or is it cheating? It is an interesting topic to discuss.

No one has a problems with makeup for pageants, even though it can cover flaws and make you appear more beautiful than you actually are. It is accepted as a part of the normal routine. False eyelashes, high heels, and even hair weaves all seem to be ok as well. Even some form shaping undergarments are used.
I think you need to be very careful with cosmetic plastic surgery. While it is available to all, it is a surgery and has risks. It can potentially improve your beauty which may be against contest rules. If not, I think certain operations are more understandable than others.

If you are super slender, but have a small pocket of exercise resistant fat, it may be impossible to safely remove it with diet and exercise. To become anorexic or be forced to keep your body fat at an absurdly unhealthy level may be dangerous to these women. I would much prefer a selective liposuction.
What if a woman is born with a deformed nose, or has an accident resulting in a crooked nose? Should she be barred from competition? How about a cleft lip? The slope becomes very slippery.

My opinion is that if it is allowed by the rules of the pageant, and if it will help a woman in her future career, more power to her. Just be safe and do it for the right reasons.