Being a Better Plastic Surgeon Doesn’t Mean You Have to Do it Differently

The world of cosmetic surgery is getting more and more filled with Plastic Surgeons and other doctors who offer plastic surgical treatments and surgeries.  One of the strategies that is tried is to come up with a “signature procedure” that makes them different from everyone else.  It is a marketing strategy that can work well.

In an attempt to distinguish themselves, these physicians will either purchase the latest technology or pay for the licensing rights to do a particular technique.  It is sometimes different, but rarely offers a benefit to the patient beyond what a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon would do.  Sometimes, they are the only ones doing it because no one else wants to do it, or feels it is safe or beneficial.

I had a visitor, a Plastic Surgeon from out of state, who is world renowned and lectures to all the societies on surgery.  He watched me do a routine day of surgery, and said to me that I should be teaching others what I do.  I asked him what I did that was so different.  His reply was that it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, but that my efficiency in surgery and attention to simple detail changed his mind about what was possible.

I have been very fortunate to have been trusted by so many people in my 19th year in private practice, and therefore have honed my craft well.  I believe in what I do, based on sound teaching by some of the finest Plastic Surgeons to ever practice.  What distinguishes Yager Esthetics from other practices is experience, efficiency, and excellence.

Don’t be drawn in by promises of the latest and greatest.  What are the true benefits to you as opposed to your doctor?  Sometimes you don’t need different, you just need better.