Bra Strap Fat

As I enter my 20th year in private practice plastic surgery, I think back on everything I have learned since finishing my training.  Ninety percent of what I do was not learned in my training.  One area which is not mentioned in any anatomy books or plastic surgery articles is bra strap fat.

Bra strap fat is the roll or bulge that can be seen above and/or below the bra in the back of a woman.  Sometimes it is excess fat, sometimes loose skin, and other times it is simply the creation of wearing a bra that is too small or tight.

Usually, I do not get asked to treat this alone.  With good liposuction of the back, the area will disappear.  It is important to point out to patients before lipo if there may be an excess skin issue with the “BSF” appearance being created.

I have written hear before about women wearing the wrong bra size.  A bra that leaves marks on the skin after being removed does not fit.  Do not be worried about what the numbers say, get the bra that fits.  Stores like Soma, or lingerie departments in Lord and Taylors or Neiman Marcus will be happy to help you understand your size at no cost to you.

Help eliminate BSF, and restore lycra confidence in all women!