Bring your Spouse or Significant Other to your Consult

Most patients who come to see me for consultation at Yager Esthetics come by themselves. They express their concerns, we do an evaluation, and talk about the options, risks, expected outcomes, time out of work and exercise, and give them information on costs, financing, and payment options.

Sometimes we talk about several different procedures. They then leave the office very excited, and go to speak with their family/spouse/significant other. This is where problems can occur.

Patients often forget a lot of the details of their consult, as they are nervous about being undressed, often insecure about their appearance, and dazzled by the before and after pictures. This is frustrating for the people they talk to. Not having been to the office, not having met the doctor or seen the facility and what is offered, they can become very uneasy. The price, although extremely reasonable for a board certified plastic surgeon in an accredited surgery center, is higher than in other countries, and the significant other just dismisses the idea and says to do it over seas.

Another factor in the lack of support of others is that they feel left out of the process, and were not invited to go with you. Even if they were invited and said no, you should tell them that it is important for them to come, as you need to make the decision together. This way, they are a part of the decision, they are not afraid of you being taken advantage of, and can see the quality of the results and the safety and professionalism of the doctor and office.

Make your partner feel like a true partner. To have their support during recovery can make or break your surgical experience.