Bullying and Plastic Surgery

We hear a lot these days about bullying and the pain and even life ending consequences that can occur when a child can not deal with the emotional burden. We teach our children to speak up against it, schools are more aware, and it is not tolerated like it used to be. So what does this have to do with plastic surgery?

If your child has ears that stick out from the sides of his/her head, they may be teased or bullied at school. Otoplasty, or ear surgery, is a simple one hour procedure that can reshape the ear and make your child less self conscious. More severe defects, such as cleft lip and palate, are routinely corrected before school begins to avoid these situations.

Likewise, as teenagers, kids can be bullied about their noses, and in some cases a nose job in thailand is indicated to reshape the nose even in teenagers. They must be mature, physically developed, and the procedure should be their idea.

No patient, especially a child, should have plastic surgery unless they are self motivated, understand the risks and benefits, and have the full support and consent of their parents. Bullying is a terrible and serious problem, but plastic surgery is surgery. All surgeries carry risks, and your child needs to be aware of all of them to make an informed decision.

We all want the best for our children, including myself. If my child were being teased for a physical trait that could be corrected and I felt they were realistic and understood the risks, I would support their decision