Casanova and Yager Esthetics

As I write these words, Yager Esthetics is being turned into a set for an autograph session for Project Runway All Star Casanova. As a grateful and happy patient, he wanted to share his experience with his fans and the media in the heart of the Hispanic community.

The theme of the night is From Design to Plastic Surgery- an evening with Casanova. He and I are two sides of the same coin, and both of us helping women improve their self esteem and feel more beautiful. Casanova is Hispanic and achieved his success through the exposure of the English speaking media. I am American and achieved my fame in the Spanish speaking world. We are both creative artists, he with fabric and I with skin. We are both dedicated to improving the lives of Hispanic women and men.

I was a little uncomfortable with a patient sharing their experience with a plastic surgery procedure with the media to promote me. I do not seek attention or fame, I just appreciate the media as a tool to help educate my community. As I see the opportunity to reach more patients and perhaps have the chance to give them the tools to make good decisions about their appearance, I am grateful to Casanova and all of my patients.

Let us support Casanova in his quest to make his Latin fans proud with a long and successful career in fashion. Thank you for your wonderful gift!