Educational Seminars in Plastic Surgery

Last week, we held an educational seminar on the latest information in injectable treatments in plastic surgery.  It was on a Thursday evening in February at 6 pm.  Over 50 people showed up and were eager to learn.  Some even shared experiences of injections gone “bad” in other offices and countries, testifying as if in church.  This was not scheduled or planned.

What it showed me was the need for, and desire for, education in the Hispanic community about cosmetic surgery and esthetic treatments.  While it was a great event with a Powerpoint presentation   and live patient injection demonstration, it was the amount of time that the patients stayed, asking questions and sharing stories, that impressed me the most.

When I stared Yager Esthetics (Yager Plastic Surgery originally) in 1997, it was my mission to bring safe and affordable cosmetic plastic surgery to the Latino community.  In the past 15 years, we have grown tremendously in space, patients seen, and influence in the community.  I and my 25 staff members are very grateful for the confidence of the community.

We will continue to have seminars, and participate in educational events and charitable works as we have been doing, but intend to build on this concept even more.  Please stay tuned to this website and blog for more information, and friend us on facebook (Yager Esthetics) or follow us on twitter(Yager Esthetics ) so that we may serve you better.

Nurse Practitioners and Plastic Surgeons

After practicing plastic surgery solo for 15 years, I have recently hired a Nurse Practitioner.  This was a necessary step for me to continue giving the highest standards of care to my patients, as well as to expand the services that Yager Esthetics offers.

A Nurse Practitioner, or NP, is a Registered Nurse who has gone on to obtain an advanced degree in patient care so that they can actually take care of patients and do many of the things that MD’s can do.  The key for me was to find someone with the experience in cosmetic plastic surgery who was bilingual who I trust to help me expand the care I offer my patients.

I have been very fortunate to grow my practice over the years to the point where I actually have to set limits to the amount of surgery that I feel I can perform so as to be able to give each patient the time they require before and after the procedure.  When I am in surgery, I cannot see patients, and this limits the times that I am available.  My NP can take care of the basic procedures of suture removal and answer 99% of patient questions, thereby  allowing my patient more options for follow up care.

My NP also is an expert in Botox, laser treatments, and injectable fillers, and treats spider veins as well.  This enables me to offer these services with safety and confidence to my practice and a more flexible schedule.  This offers a higher level of training to my patients than many offices who have medical assistants and cosmetologists doing some of these treatments.

I encourage you to visit us at Yager Esthetics to meet her, and learn how an NP can help enhance your experience in our office.