CELL Phones at Concerts and Plastic Surgery

Recently, artists have begun asking concert goers to refrain from taking pictures and videos during the show. Some, such as Jack White, have gone on to require that all phones be sealed in a bag prior to entering the venue so that this does not occur. I was at a show, and he had someone come out and let the audience know that he had hired professional photographers and videographers to shoot the show, and gave access to them for free for anyone who wanted a memory or to post on social media.

Bob Dylan, during a show in Vienna, stopped singing due to this distraction and said “We can either pose or play, it’s up to you.” The frustration built up to the point that it not only ruined other audience members’ experiences, with upheld phones and selfies taking away from the moment for them, but for the artist as well. I have to side with the artists.
I can’t tell you how many times a cell phone interrupts a consult or patient visit, making it hard for the patient and me to maintain concentration. I always find it telling that when a patient is naked in a gown, they still hold their phone in their hand. Who are you going to call?

Don’t even get me started on employees who are sneaking a peak at their phones during work. It is a theft of my time, and a disservice to the patients.

If I take a call during a patient encounter, it can only be from another doctor or something I am doing for that patient. If you see me doing otherwise, please scold me. I would deserve it.