Cyber Monday 2018

Today is Cyber Monday, and all of my patients are on their favorite web enabled devices seeking out the latest and greatest deals available.  Cars, phones, tv’s and clothes at limited time pricing seems to motivate people, especially with the holidays and New Year right around the corner.

I am sure that some plastic surgeons will be getting in on the action, offering discounts or sale prices on surgeries, injectables, or skin care.  I would not waste your time looking for Yager Esthetics specials that day.

While I like to think of myself as progressive, innovative and young thinking, I am truly old school when it comes to the professionalism of the practice of medicine.  I am friendly, my office is decorated with style and color, I play current music and have young staff.  When it comes down to the actual patient care, I will not be trying to sell you anything.  If you come in to discuss a particular concern, that is what we will talk about.  I will not take the opportunity to upsell procedures or services.

In my opinion, plastic surgeons are not salespeople.  We are physicians, and should always put our patients’ best interests ahead of anything else.  Our duty is to serve and assist, and that is what I do.  I never talk money with patients, and I honestly do not know or want to know the cost of many of the things we do.  It keeps me focused on patient care.

So enjoy Cyber Monday, seek out those amazing “shopportunities”, and if plastic surgery is in your future, I hope you will come by and get nothing but an honest assessment of what you might need and a more than fair price to do it.