December at Yager Esthetics

December at Yager EstheticsAs December rolls around, everyone is getting ready for the holidays and New Years.  What that means for my practice is a lot of spa and injectable treatments, such as botox, Radiesse, Juvederm, Xeomin (a new botox alternative) Silkpeels, and chemical peels.  All of my patients want to look their best for the family and corporate gatherings without the downtime of surgery.

This year, we have a much larger Yspa staff to help meet the demand, and a new Nurse Practitioner to increase the flexibility of having your injectables from Monday through Saturday.  She is extremely well experienced and I trust her 100%.  To prove it, we have an injectable promotion until the end of 2011.  Call for details, or friend us on Facebook (Yager Esthetics)  and follow us on Twitter (@yageresthetics).

What I like to do is to look at the before and after photos for the year, and try to pick out what is working best and to try and find some small area to improve.  Although I am confident in all of the techniques I offer, I always feel that you need to strive to do better or there is no hope of improvement.  My abdominoplasty of 1997 is no where near as satisfying as the 2011 version.  This does not mean 1997 results were inferior, but the steps and time to achieve the results and the recovery process are are far easier now.

I would encourage all of you to reflect on your job performance from this past year, and honestly assess the areas in which you might improve.  It will make you a better employee, employer, or stay at home mom.  When you stop caring about job performance, or feel you can no longer improve, that is when bad things happen.  Even the best can get better, and that is what I try to do even after 15 years at Yager Esthetics.

Happy holidays to all.