Don’t Tell Your Plastic Surgeon The Implant size

I do a lot of breast implant surgery. I put in hundreds of implants every year, am in the 17th year of my private practice, and have done literally thousands. I am good at the procedure, I feel my results are quite natural, and the great majority of my patients are very happy. Except for the few I let pick the exact implant size.

In today’s social media and internet world, with online forums and chat groups oversharing everything, information is abundant. I applaud patients who take the time to research their options and come in with a clear idea of what they want. My job is to educate and assist them in the decision making process.

I insist on laying out all of the options in an unbiased way, and having my patient tell me what she wants. What type of implant, how to hide the incision, above or below the muscle, and what size they want to be afterwards. If they select something outside of my tolerance, I explain my reservations, and refuse to do anything I would not feel is in their best interest.
I have had three patients who have come in and insisted on a particular type and size implant, down to the cc, and not be moved by my explanations. All three have been disappointed

The surgeries were done well, the results were quite good, it was that the patients did not understand the intricacies of implant selection to achieve certain appearances. They became hung up on the number of cc’s instead of what they wanted to create.

My advice is to find a surgeon you trust with results you love, and trust him/her. If you pick the wrong implant, you only have yourself to blame.