Five Years of Y Gallery

After our last expansion of Yager Esthetics, we installed a free art space for Hispanic artists called the Y Gallery.  In its 5th year, we have showcased some terrific artists from the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Spain.  It has been also used in conjunction with the debut of a book of poetry and performances by live musicians.

The whole idea of Yager Esthetics is to provide a space for the art of plastic surgery and nonsurgical treatments specialized in the Hispanic beauty ideal that the whole community can be proud of.  Anyone who has been to our office knows exactly what that means.

It has been gratifying to be able to support so many deserving artists with the proceeds of my practice.  While our fees are quite reasonable for the services we provide, it is still important to give back to those who support you.  Y Gallery has been especially dear to me, as I consider myself an artist as well as a lover of art.

I encourage you all to visit the Y Gallery in my office to appreciate the creative energy of the space, and to enjoy the art.  Also, you can sign up to be informed of special artist nights in the gallery where you can meet the artist and discuss the work.

Thank you all for trusting me with your beauty, and for helping me keep Y Gallery as a resource for our community.