Halloween and Plastic Surgery

Halloween just passed, and everyone got dressed up as their favorite character or clever idea of the moment. It is a time for fantasy and fun, and to spend the day behind a mask pretending to look differently. This made me think of Plastic Surgery.
Patients come to see me to either restore the look of years gone by, or to correct defects that were never right in the first place. In a sense, I am creating a mask or new appearance so the fantasy can be realized.

Sometimes the effect is temporary, such as Botox or Radiesse or Juvederm that can make you look well for several months to a year. Sometimes it is surgery, which can fix some defects permanently, and at least give many years of results.

As long as you realize it does not change who you are inside, or fix the life problems we all have, it can be a very healthy way to achieve a new appearance. Very much like Halloween.

When the mask or costume comes off, you are still you. If you can accept that and are comfortable with yourself, you will be happy on Halloween and after Plastic Surgery as well.
Hope you got only treats this year.