Happy Birthday to Me!


Today is actually my birthday.  I will not tell you how old I am, but I have been in my solo private practice in Plastic Surgery since 1997.  It is amazing how as you get older, the years seem to go by more quickly.

I though on this day I would share with you what I would wish for, not in material things, but for my practice and patients who have been so much of my life during these last 18 years.

I wish they would not let people inject things into their bodies in apartments, hotel rooms, and spas.  It is illegal, it can kill you, and even if they have been doing it for years and are doctors in other countries, it can cause a lifetime problem for you that you will always regret.  Treating the complications is often times impossible. THINK!

I wish they would research their doctors before undergoing cosmetic surgery.  So many of the providers who cater to Hispanic patients are not Board Certified Plastic Surgeons. Pull out your phone, go to www.plasticsurgery.org and enter the name.  No matter what they tell you, if they are not there, they are not a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  Make sure it looks professional, is clean, and you like and trust the doctor.

Be honest with your Plastic Surgeon.  Do not withhold health information or medications or drug use.  This can be life threatening to you.  This is not necessary surgery- be smart.

Lastly, your Plastic Surgeon, especially me, does his best to make you happy and keep you safe.  Perfection does not exist and should not be expected.  Love yourself, let your feelings be known, and work together to get the best possible results.