Happy New Year!

I always thought that the phrase Happy New Year was a bit odd. Why is it that just because the calendar moves forward, things should be any different? January 1 is no different than any other day of the year. It is 24 hours long, and night follows day.

I think the distinction, although artificial, is important for human nature. The change of the year offers hope and opportunity for improvement. Perhaps you will use the date as a time to stop smoking and try using vape liquid instead. Or perhaps you want to go to the gym and exercise on a regular basis, or to start that new diet you have been meaning to get to. These are personal health goals. Try and set goals that will improve your health and wellbeing.

One can say that this new year, I will read more, spend more time with the children, do charitable acts, finally get my degree. All things to aid in personal growth, and all worth pursuing. If a silly thing such as the flipping of a page on a calendar can be the motivation, great.

Personal appearance can also be a goal. A new hairstyle, different makeup, a wardrobe turnaround, or a change in hair color may be in order. Even Plastic Surgery can be a goal. Refreshing your face after a certain age, fixing the damage caused by pregnancy or weight change, or getting the breasts you have always wanted are common consults I get around this time as well.

So, as phony a holiday as it is, make use of it to insure 2013 is the best year yet. Look for exciting changes at Yager Esthetics in the new year as well.