How to be Beautiful at any Age

With a title like that, what person would not want to read what a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon had to say on the matter. What can’t an expert in cosmetic surgery do to make you beautiful? I can start with the skin, and remove dark spots, improve texture, improve elasticity and skin aging. Using Radiofrequency and lasers, skin can be tightened, unwanted hair can be removed.

I can then move on to injectables, and fill in the facial lines that form over time, plump and reshape the lips, and enhance the jawline and diminish circles under the eyes. Neuromodulators, such as Botox, can soften the wrinkles caused by expressions and muscle movements.

If that is not enough, through surgery I can tighten neck bands, lift the cheeks and brow, remove undereye puffiness and upper lid skin excess. I can get rid of a double chin, fix ears that stick out, make your chin stronger, and transform the shape of your nose.

Surely, after all of that, who wouldn’t be beautiful? This is where the definition of true beauty is important. It has nothing to do with the physical that I can change.

    To be beautiful is to be kind to all, to be charitable, to lift someone’s spirit with a smile. It is to look past others imperfections and see only the good. It is to give yourself 100% to whatever you are doing, and to do it with love.

      The truth is plastic surgery makes no difference to a person if they are not happy with who they are on the inside. There are less extreme ways to make yourself look healthier but also, they will make you healthier in the long run. Using anti-aging skin creams like those provided by ‘Beverly Hills MD Skincare‘, can help give you a cosmetic surgery like result without having to go through painful procedures to smooth out the skin. These products may help you to feel happier and more comfortable with yourself in the interim, where you are working on yourself and your internal happiness.

        This blog will make me no money, but it will make the world a richer place for all of us.