How To Be Happy With Your Plastic Surgery

I was in a consult with a patient today, as I often am, and at the end of 30 minutes of education on the procedure, risks, benefits, and scheduling requirements, her husband had only one question. What if my wife is not happy after the surgery?

Of course, I answered the question in great detail and to his satisfaction, but it made me think of what makes patients happy with their experiences at Yager Esthetics. Maybe I can learn from this in how I select my candidates for surgery.

Patients who are happy people in general are happy after surgery. If you are an unhappy person, plastic surgery will only make you a better looking unhappy person.
Patients who have good self esteem and confidence tend to be very pleased as well. Not patients who are narcissistic or cruel, just those that are well balanced.
Patients with supportive families, spouse, and friends are virtually always happy. The stories I can tell about jealous and cruel people poisoning the opinions of my patients are very sad.

Patients who listen and read the information provided and have realistic expectations are easy to satisfy. I usually underpromise and overdeliver.
Patients who want everything to go well often get their wish. The fatalists who feel that everything bad always happens to them are often right.
So, to be happy after plastic surgery, be happy and confident, surround yourself with supportive people, read and listen to me, and set reasonable goals. Almost too easy!