How to fix chubby cheeks

More and more often, patients at Yager Esthetics are coming in to talk about fullness in the face. The area in question is usually just below the cheek bones, in the side of the face. The key to fixing this problem is knowing the cause.
Sometimes the face appears full because a patient is simply overweight. In cases like this, losing a few pounds can resolve the issue without surgery or expense. If the facial fat is out of proportion to the body fat, sometimes careful liposuction with very small instruments is appropriate.
Plastic Surgeons are doctors, and we need to rule out medical causes for this appearance as well. Mumps, as well as other viral infections can cause a swelling of the parotid gland ( a gland in your cheek that helps produce saliva in your mouth), and can need medical therapy.
The parotid gland can also develop tumors or cancer, and we always are careful in our examination. If any doubt exists, we can do an MRI or CT scan. This is rarely seen in my practice.
The cause that I get the most satisfaction out of curing is called the buccal fat fad. Around the parotid gland, there is a special layer of fat. If it is excessive, we can remove it through a small opening inside of the mouth. This leaves no visible scar on the face. The results can be extraordinary.
You can test this for yourself with a good mirror. Simply open your mouth while looking into the mirror, push in right under the cheek bone and see if a large bulge appears inside the cheek in your mouth.
I will be posting before and after pictures, as well as pictures of the fat on the website,, in the next month. If you want more information, call us for a consultation about buccal fat.

Image: Gettyimages