How to Plan your Surgery

As I continue my seventeenth year at Yager Esthetics, I am fortunate to have built a busy and successful plastic surgery practice. I work very hard to minimize the wait for consults and surgery, but will not do more than I can safely manage with professionalism and personal attention.

While I operate two to three days every week, work, life, and school sometimes limit my patients as to when they can get the necessary time needed to recover properly. Because of this, certain surgical dates are more popular, especially around school holidays and over the Summer.

As we are in September, I have already had to open extra days around Christmas and Thanksgiving to try to accommodate the desires of my patients. This is why you should book early, especially if you are looking for a popular date. I am only one surgeon, and I have to make sure I only operate for the amount of time I can give 100%.
When a patient comes in for a consult and expects surgery the next week, it is still surprising. The planning on my side takes significant time. We need to get you to your doctor for testing and clearance, the anesthesiologist has to review your history and lab results, we need to measure you and order garments and bras and implants you might require, and you need a preop visit to review all of your consent forms. The nurses and I have to educate you on risks, alternatives, and the process. For your safety, we spend this time on you.

I would love the opportunity to be you plastic surgeon, but you need to plan well. Come well in advance, and make sure I am the right fit for you. Remember, it is not like buying shoes. This is you life, and you need to be smart.