I Believe that Everyone I Meet is a Good Person

I am an optimist. I truly like to think that people are good at heart, and only want good things for others.  I trust almost anyone who does not give me reason to think otherwise.  I do not really consider the consequences to myself if someone has bad intentions.  I may be thought of as foolish or naïve, but this is who I am at my core.

When a patient comes in with a difficult challenge, or has an issue I believe I can make better, my instinct is to offer my help and try.  I do not think “Is it really worth it if the risk of a complication is higher” or “What is her angle, is she trying to get over on me?”  My mind thinks about being helpful and doing my best.

Most of the time, this works out very well for me.  The overwhelming majority of my patients are grateful and very happy.  I usually exceed their expectations, and both of us are content.  For those who are not, I can honestly say that it is 99% of the time not my fault.

I do not want to change the person I am just to protect myself from the few not nice people who are out there.  I will admit, I think about it a little more now that I get ready to start my 20th year at Yager Esthetics.  Trust, but verify.  If I change in the face of negativity, I lose.