I’m Going to Disney World

Believe it or not, I do take the occasional vacation to spend uninterrupted time with my family.  The latest trip is to Disney, as I have children of that age.  Throughout the process of planning, I was struck by what I could learn about running Yager Esthetics from the Disney experience.

First of all, the website was a great way to see the offerings, get information about the options available, and see photos.  It even helped to find out how to get there.  This is all done in an attractive and user friendly manner.  The www.dryager.com website strives to do the same thing.  I wish I could put pricing in as Disney does to offer a quote with all options, but this is against the code of ethics of ASPS.

The customer service, both over the phone and in person, is superb.  They are friendly, helpful, and professional.  The message on hold is also useful.  You feel like they care.  This is also done at Yager Esthetics.  From the first call, to the appointment welcome, and through the process, we strive for excellence.

The staff and locations are well trained and well maintained, and cleanliness is paramount. Everything is done in a thoughtful and professional manner.  Lastly, people leave happy and encourage others to visit.  Word of mouth is the most common form of referral.  Disney or Yager, that is true.