Importance of Exercise after Plastic Surgery

Many of my patients are surprised when I tell them that exercise is important after plastic surgery in order to obtain the best results. I have been told by more than a few patients that the reason they did cosmetic procedures was to avoid doing exercise. I can tell you that this is a mistake.

Depending on your surgery, there will always be limits to certain activities for a period of time. After any surgery, I recommend no exercise for 2 weeks to avoid bleeding and prolonged swelling. For tummy tucks (abdominoplasty), no abdominal exercises can be done for a month. From one month to 6 weeks, we start isometric contractions, and full exercise after 6 weeks including crunches.

The abdominoplasty procedure closes the abdominal muscles, but if they have no strength or tone, you will not be flat. A strong core makes your results better, and even the best surgery cannot make up for weak muscles.

For breast surgery, we limit chest and upper body exercises, as movement of your arms can move the muscle and/or implant if you have one. After the rest period, it is good to strengthen the chest muscles to get that little bit of extra lift that it brings.

After liposuction, exercise is key as well. Once the extra fat layer is gone, you can actually see muscle definition. Working out is so much more rewarding when everyone can see your hard efforts on the beach.

So do not do surgery to avoid exercise, do exercise to avoid surgery. If you need surgery, get the maximum results by exercising as well.