Independence Day

As July 4th approaches, we all think of Independence Day, when America decided it wanted to be free from England and establish its own government. By that same spirit, let this year be your time to be who you want to be.

After 18 years plus here at Yager Esthetics, I have seen tens of thousands of patients. Not all of them follow through with surgery or treatments, which is appropriate. The ones that stick out are the ones that have used the benefit of plastic surgery to better their lives.

One patient in particular comes to mind. She came with her husband who spoke for her and belittled her intelligence. Her head was down, and she did not say a word during the consult. I confirmed with her that she really did want the procedure, and was aware of all the risks.

After her surgery, when the dressings came off, she looked fantastic. She started to make eye contact, came without her spouse, smiled, and started wearing makeup. It was a different person in my office.

I received a frantic visit from the husband 2 months later, asking me for a copy of her record and her bill. She was divorcing him, and he wanted to show how much he paid. I told him that it was her record, and only she could authorize its release.

She still comes in, has had more done, and is one of the happiest people you will meet.

Ladies- do not let anyone make you feel helpless, stupid, or ashamed.

Gentlemen- treat your women well, or somebody else will!