Is 2012 Really The End Of The World?

The Mayan calendar supposedly suggests that 2012 is the end of the world.  That got me thinking, if it really is the last year of earth, what should we be doing? What would you want to change if you knew there was no next year?

Certainly, spending time with your family, letting them know what they mean to you, is the first thing most people would do.  Settling any feuds or disputes with family and friends, confessing your transgressions, and making peace are reasonable goals.  But what about work?

If you had to work, would you do anything differently?  Would you work harder and try to be the best with the little remaining time, or not care and slack off?  Would you show up every day and do the best job possible, or call out sick and make sure you use all of your sick days and vacation days?

The answer to those questions will reveal your true character.  I try to make sure all of my employees are dedicated and hard working, and care about the care of my patients above all else.  It shows good moral and ethical character, and it is what a patient at Yager Esthetics deserves.

I would expect nothing more from my staff than I would expect from myself.  I treat each patient as if they were my family, I let them know what I honestly would recommend to a friend, and never suggest a procedure to make more money.  I have never lied to an insurance company or a vendor to get money or product I did not deserve, and I would never lie to a patient.

If 2012 is truly the last year of the world, I will continue to live my life as it is.  I am at peace with my morals and ethics, and still remain proud to serve the Hispanic community with the professionalism and respect that they deserve.