June is Busting out all over

It is the end of the first half of the year this month, and I have noticed that June seems to have an increased number of breast procedures. Mainly, it is breast augmentation and breast lifts and a combination of the two.  Breast reductions tend to happen in the fall and winter for some reason.

I theorize that it is due to the warmer weather, when thoughts turn to the beach and more revealing clothing.  Also, teachers, college students, and many other professions have time off over the summer to recover.

As I get ready to start year 20 in private practice cosmetic plastic surgery, I have noticed a trend toward fuller upper breasts.  The number of simple breast lifts that I do has gone down, compensated for by the increase in breast lifts with breast implants at the same time.  The lift fixes the nipple position and shape, while the implant can add the volume to the upper pole of the breast.

What was long considered the normal and natural breast appearance is no longer what most patients want.  While I refuse to make fake looking round balls on a woman’s chest, I do think that the right sized implant can artfully improve the results of most breast lifts.  I use them more for fullness than size.

If you have some time off and have always been curious about your breasts, please come to Yager Esthetics.  There are a host of new implant types and shapes, and the lift techniques have options as well.  Find out why June is busting out all over!