June is Busting out Allover

With the month of June comes warmer weather and the opening of the beaches. As school ends, all of the teachers, school staff, and college students turn their thoughts to looking good and enjoying the Summer. That means it is a busy time at Yager Esthetics.

I have been doing a tremendous amount of breast and body surgery, and expect that to keep booming this season. I am all about the Hispanic community, and my patients want curves. Sometimes it is removing fat, sometimes injecting fat, and often involves a reshaping and/or resizing of the breasts.

One of my changes in thought has been the use of breast implants in breast reductions in younger patients who want a perkier look. I was taught that this was crazy 20 years ago, but have come to realize that while volume determines size, it is the position of the volume that is the most important for a more youthful appearance. The technique needs to be modified to insure good blood supply to the nipple, but my patients seem very pleased so far.

Fat transfer to the buttocks is also very popular. Called a Brasilian Butt Lift, or BBL by my patients, it can make a nice change in body fat distribution. If we could only pick where the fat would go without surgery! Unfortunately, some patients do not have enough fat to make the change they would like, and no one can guarantee how much fat will survive. Satisfaction rates are still very high.

I also like the Summer because when my patients visit, you can tell how confident they are with their new look by the clothing choices they make. To see someone wear a tanktop for the first time ever, or to use a short skirt, is very satisfying.

When people look better, they usually feel better. I will try to keep up with the demand.