Listen to your Plastic Surgeon


I was told that there are three ways to avoid complications- Do not see your patients after surgery, fail to recognize complications when they occur, and do not operate.  After 18 years in private practice Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in New York City, I have seen some things!  Most of my patients are delightful and responsible, and therefore my complication rate is extremely low.

When you come to Yager Esthetics, you have a consult to assess what your options are, and I explain the process.  After you book your procedure, you have a pre-op visit with the nurse who gives you instructions and consent forms to read which explain all the risks, and then a second visit with me where I go over everything in detail as well as answer all questions.  After surgery, the nurse goes over instructions as well.  If you follow them, good things usually happen.

I have had patients who come for surgery, remove stitches at 4 days, and do not return for 2 years.  Then, they complain about a scar that could have been much better had they only returned for their free post op visits.  It is the same with breast implants that become hardened, prolonged swelling after liposuction that could be avoided with proper massage, and other similar issues.

Patients change girdles to ones that can cause marking or scarring or infections despite being told not to.  They wear push up bras 2 weeks after breast surgery and displace implants.  They use creams from a friend who got it overseas and burn their skin.  Then they blame me!

If you invest your money in surgery, reads the instructions.  Listen to your surgeon and nurses, and come to your free visits.  I can only help you if I see you.  Today’s modern world allows you to call, or email, or send a photo for advice even if you can’t come in that day.

I expect my very best effort every day, and I expect the same from my patients.  If you cannot follow through, please do not do elective surgery.