Living in a Sea of Women

As a Plastic Surgeon, the great majority of my patients are women. Additionally, virtually all of my employees (more than 20) are women as well. Essentially, I spend my days surrounded by ladies. Even at home, I am the only man in the family. I will tell you, it is an interesting situation.

I am fortunate that I love my family, and they are great. It is a little girly at times, and I do not get the sports time that some of my friends enjoy. However, the experience really has been valuable, as I have learned how women act and think. I know how to communicate with them .

At work, the ladies are for the most part like older children. It is a preview of what I will deal with as my children age. Additionally, they relate well to my patients as they are my patients- young Hispanic women interested in beauty.
While some may characterize my situation as drowning in a sea of women, I see it differently. I am supported by a sea of women. They keep me afloat, and provide a wonderful environment in which to thrive.

Thank you to all the women in my life, personal and professional. I appreciate you all.