Mid Term Elections and Plastic Surgery

I am far from a political person.  I do not believe in the two party system for government, and think both sides are doing a horrible job at fulfilling what a government is meant to do.  They are supposed to represent the people, not the parties, and each side wants the other to lose or perform poorly so that they can gain power.  The public is following suit, and angry people on both sides of the aisle are just hurling insults at each other. The philosophy should be that when the airplane is in the air, everyone should root for the pilot.

When I am in the operating room, nothing outside exists.  I do not care about your politics, race, gender, or prejudices.  I am trying to serve the trust you have placed in me by taking the very best care of you and delivering the best possible results.  I am the pilot when you go to sleep, and you would be wise to root for me.

My political advice is to make your voice heard. If you do not like either candidate, think about running yourself or supporting someone you believe in to run.  Throwing up your hands and complaining about it does nothing to stop the process, and allows the political parties to win.  They count on you forgetting, getting tired, and giving up.  It is very similar to the way some health insurances try not to pay your claim.

If your doctor does not treat you with respect, and you feel he/she does not have your best interests at heart, make a change as well.  When the public realizes that we truly have the power if we band together and use it for a peaceful and positive change, good things will happen.